China Welcome Dry Needling with First ConEd Course

This past weekend was the first Functional Dry Needling certification course in China! The course was given by Physical Therapists Edo Zylstra and Jeremy Snyder from Kinetacore. The 3-day Level 1 Training course generally targets experienced medial practitioners who have no needling experience. However, this particular course was interesting in that many of the Chinese... Continue Reading →

BWH Meniscus Implant Surgery

Massachusetts resident Rob Price has something extra to be thankful for this holiday. Just before Thanksgiving, Brigham & Women’s (BWH) performed the first meniscus implant operation in New England on Price. So cool! This could truly unlock possibilities to revolutionize the management of knee dysfunction and injury. The surgery utilized NUsurface, a composite medial meniscus... Continue Reading →

It’s All About the Bass: Glute Exercises

Mini-band side stepping is a common physical therapy exercise, and one that I do with almost all of my athletes and patients. I believe that efficient sport power and agility are built on a strong foundation of inner core and gluteal strength. If you move weight greater than your body’s stabilizers can handle, your body... Continue Reading →

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