Fight Camp Nutrition with Dan Garner

This weekend is the NSCA Training for Combat Sports conference in Las Vegas. Day 1 featured tons of super relevant and interesting content, including a talk about fight camp nutrition with Dan Garner. Dan is a strength coach and nutrition specialist that works with many UFC fighters. This is a topic I've talked about before... Continue Reading →


My fellow female fighters: Why training like a man may be preventing you from reaching your performance goals

Ashley Mellen, Kate Buttino, Jennifer Varela, and Tsukasa Higashi at NAGA (photo credit: Bianca Riviello) "Women are not small men." This month the ladies from my gym, Florian Martial Arts, crushed it at the NAGA Northeast Grappling Championships. As the female fighters continue to elevate their performance, I want to share some gender differences in training adaptations... Continue Reading →

Rio Olympics: Team China

This week wrapped up the end of the Rio Olympic Games. I want to congratulate all of the athletes, particularly the ones I have worked with so closely in Beijing this year: Sun Yanan, Zhang Fengliu, Zhong Xuechun, and Zhou Feng (women’s wrestling) and Yu Song (women’s judo). The Olympics are an exhilarating stage on... Continue Reading →

Perform Better with Jet Lag

Most of the time I really love living in China. And then there are times I don’t – such as when I think I’m ordering one thing at a restaurant and a completely different dish comes out. But mostly it’s when I have to travel to America for something. This past month, I had the... Continue Reading →

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